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Thursday, December 29, 2011
Gunaho Ka Devata meaning God of all either good or bad qualities/mentalities. If you watch this serial you will have feeling like watching a film. Once you start watching it you will get addicted to this serial. The Hero 'Avdesh Singh Thakur alias Bhaiyyaji' in this film sorry serial is in LOVE. The Hero is not just a wayside hero he reposes fear in the enemy minds. He goes about moving surrounded by his friends who are ready to give their life for him. They move with guns and live in a castle being heavily guarded.

The heroine 'Arpita Rai' of this film is in love with the hero but her father has other plans. He makes arrangements for her marriage. The heroine sends a letter to the hero to take her away and that she can't live without him. On reading the letter the hero starts his car and is joined by his gang of supporters. Off they go after the heroine to stop the marriage.

Gunahon Ka Devata in Good Quality Videos being updated here

Gunaho Ka Devata - Episode - 1

Part - 1

Part - 2

First look of Gunaho Ka Devata...what is in store for you...

Gunaho Ka Devata - Episode - 1 - Alternate Full of Part-1


Gunaho Ka Devata - Episode - 2

Part -1

Part -2

Part- 3

Gunaho Ka Devata - Episode - 3

Part- 1

Part- 2

Gunaho Ka Devata - Episode - 4

Gunaho Ka Devata - Episode - 5

Part - 1

Part - 2

Part - 3

Part - 4